Australia’s Most Comprehensive Medicinal Cannabis Report: H2 2021

FreshLeaf Analytics is excited to once again release Australia’s most comprehensive medicinal cannabis “Product, Pricing and Patient Analysis”.

2021 so far has been a year of milestones, with the last 6 months defined by a 50% surge in active patients to almost 70,000, as access, acceptance and average pricing continue to improve, and more Authorised Prescribers come onboard.

The marketplace is seeing more products than ever before, with 224 products now available – an increase of 18% since April 2021, but the pace of growth is slowing

In a positive sign for the sustainability of the industry, revenue from product sales for this year is forecast at $230M, up from an estimated $200+M in earlier projections, and the growth trajectory is expected to keep pace through 2022 with sales reaching over $400M.

This report will be the seventh major publication from FreshLeaf, which is the leading source of information, data and analysis on the sector.


  • Market growth will exceed expectations in 2021 as active patients surge towards 100K
  • Revenue from product sales forecast at $230M at year end
  • Sharp uptick in SAS-B approvals coupled with ongoing growth in Authorised Prescribers suggests more mainstream acceptance by both patients and doctors
  • Product count continues to climb, an although the growth rate of new products is slowing
  • Oil remains the dominant product format but flower is gaining quickly in popularity
  • Growth in non-traditional delivery formats is stagnant
  • Average product price continues to drop although floor price lifts as new low-cost market entrants readjust pricing; wholesalers are given the squeeze
  • Average monthly spend continues slow downward trend; average daily dose increases
  • 2022 will see continued sector transformation including improved patient access

Cassandra Hunt, Managing Director of FreshLeaf, commented: “The medicinal cannabis market has grown beyond expectations in 2021, even though the market is still hyper-competitive. From here, however, industry players will need to carve out a differentiated position to help ensure their success.”

Juno Wilson, Principal Consultant FreshLeaf, added: “The growth of the Australian medicinal cannabis market in 2021 has been both exciting and encouraging to see, and is a step in the right direction towards greater mainstream acceptance. However, this growth must be equally supported by regulatory changes, especially around driving. Evolving trends such as the popularity of flower products and the continuing development into the adjacent sector in psychedelics will be interesting to watch in 2022, as with the race to the first over-the-counter low-dose CBD product.”

The report has also been welcomed by the sector, with key players commenting:

MCIA Chairman Peter Crock commented: “This FreshLeaf Report demonstrates that the medicinal cannabis industry is maturing and delivering on its promise, with increased patients and increased Australian grown and made products available. The industry will be further boosted when the expected regulatory reforms for imports (that will deliver a level playing field for Australian manufacturers) become a reality. Nonetheless, there remains a need for increased flexibility around prescriber pathways and license/permit operability to fully realise the sector opportunity and ensure that all patients who can benefit from this medicine are able to access it at affordable rates.”

Dr Mark Hardy, Addiction Specialist and CA Clinics Medical Director, added: “It’s encouraging to see more widespread acceptance of legal medicinal cannabis among both patients and the medical community, underscored by the increase in Authorized Prescribers. There were only about 3000 active patients just a few years ago, and now FreshLeaf projects active patient numbers may climb to 100,000 by year end. Patients need treatment options, and accessibility and affordability are gradually moving the right direction to provide cannabinoid medicine as one of those options.”

Tim Drury, Southern Cannabis Holdings CEO, concluded: “The industry has matured significantly over the past 5 years and it is exciting to see meaningful revenues being generated by Australian companies, and so many Australian patients getting access to the benefits of this treatment option”.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded for free from the FreshLeaf website.

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