Low-Dose CBD Oil Can Now Be Bought Over-the-Counter
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You no longer need a prescription to get low-dose cannabidiol, though it’ll be months before approved products hit the shelves. And no, you can’t get high from it. We answer some common questions about the medicinal product.

Last December, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) made a big announcement: it was “down-scheduling” or easing access to certain kinds of medicinal cannabis, moving it from a prescription-only medicine to pharmacist-only, or over-the-counter.

Low-dose cannabidiol – aka CBD – was previously only available through a special scheme, which involved doctors getting select permission for patients to access the product.

“The decision was made following an earlier TGA safety review of low-dose CBD, which indicated that the known adverse effects of CBD at low doses were not serious,” the TGA said at the time of the announcement.