Pricing Report

FreshLeaf Analytics, in collaboration with Cannabis Access Clinics has released Australia’s first pricing analysis for legal medicinal cannabis

The study was conducted in Q3 2018 and includes insights into the pricing and availability of legal medicinal cannabis products in the Australian marketplace including:

  •  – The number of products available to doctors has increased more than 300%
  •  – Entry level product prices have fallen by 47%
  •  – CBD (non-psychoactive, used to reduce seizures) is much cheaper than THC (psychoactive, used for   pain and other conditions)
  •  – Patients pay on average $373 per month, about 25% higher than illegal products
  •  – Prices are expected to continue to decline as more players enter the market

FreshLeaf Analytics principal consultant Jonathan Hsieh commented “medicinal cannabis is a new industry in Australia and there are a lot of unknowns, including the answers to basic questions like ‘how much does it cost?’. We undertook this research to help introduce more facts into patient conversations”.

The report was developed using patient data that was analyzed over a period of August to September 2018. A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.