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Australian Medicinal Cannabis Product, Patient and Pricing Analysis, Q3 2019 

About FreshLeaf Analytics

The team at FreshLeaf Analytics are experts in the medicinal cannabis market in Australia.

FreshLeaf has sized markets, assessed patient populations, evaluated formations and delivery mechanisms, managed patient trials, supported the drafting of regulations and driven key industry decisions with regulators. FreshLeaf also has exclusive access to significant datasets generated by some of Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis healthcare companies.

We use our expertise, knowledge and exclusive data access to answer real-world questions from our clients such as Where is the opportunity for new product market entry? Will my price point be competitive? How much do patients pay per month? What is the average dosage? What market sectors are growing fastest?

Our team of consultants and statisticians can help you understand the Australian medicinal cannabis market, where the opportunities are and what should be avoided. Our team undertakes a range of projects from strategic consulting engagements to ongoing monthly structured data reporting.

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Our Data

FreshLeaf Analytics has exclusive access to medicinal cannabis product and clinical data sets from some of Australia's leading healthcare companies. We combine this data with information from regulators to generate unique insight into the state of the medicinal cannabis market in Australia.

Product data 

FreshLeaf has access to full product details for most medicinal cannabis products available in the marketplace in Australia.

Pharmacy data

FreshLeaf has data on pharmacy pricing and markups

Patient data

FreshLeaf has access to the single largest patient dataset in the country, covering information about conditions, prescripts, dosages, and patient outcomes

Pricing data

FreshLeaf has access to product pricing, and patient spending by condition

Important Statistics

The Australian medicinal cannabis market is rapidly developing into a major sector in the economy:

medicinal cannabis products
Australians suffer from chronic pain
using illegal products
addressable market

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