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Strategic Consulting

The Australian medicinal cannabis market is new, but potentially very valuable.

There are an estimated 5 Million Australians suffering from Chronic Pain. There are an estimated 150,000 people using medicinal cannabis illegally to self-medicate. The market for legal products is estimated at over $1B per year.

But for a cultivator, manufacturer, biotech, medical clinic, hospital, pharmacy group, insurance company, venture fund, institutional investor, regulator or government department the questions that arise are numerous and complex. Very few companies in the market have the data, knowledge and experience to provide answers.

Our vision - Medicinal cannabis analytics with Freshleaf Analytics
FreshLeaf also has exclusive access to significant datasets generated by some of Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis healthcare companies

Which product formulations and delivery mechanisms are of interest? What price is ‘cost effective’? How much are patients paying today? For which Indications? What patient groups are underserved? How many patients should I expect to prescribe to? Which healthcare professionals should I work with? How do I target them? What will the market look like in 12 months? In 5 years? Will Australia be a player in the global industry? What part of the value chain are we naturally competitive in? How will ARTG listed products compare with non-ARTG? Will Insurance companies pay for costs?

FreshLeaf Analytics is in a unique position to get the answers to these questions and more. Our data partnerships with clinics, product companies, pharmacies and other healthcare players position us to know what is happening in the market here. We can work with you to answer the questions you have.

Industry Reports

FreshLeaf Analytics works closely with some of Australia’s leading medical clinics, pharmacies and product suppliers. We also source data from federal and state regulators to keep a pulse on the state of the industry. Our database contains in excess of 50,000 datapoints and is expanding rapidly as the market grows.

Our analytics team tracks and reports on industry trends and metrics. Our first report, Australian Medicinal Cannabis Pricing Analysis, Q3 2018 was released in October and will be repeated on a regular basis to track price in the market.

Our team is working on other industry reports that will be released shorty.